Black knitted and leather glove

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Black knitted and leather glove

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Profuomo's notes

This black knitted and nappa leather pair is the ultimate choice for a stylish look.

Fabric Nappa leather with wool knit

Profuomo gloves are made of the finest real leather combined with perfect craftsmanship. Lining consists of fleece.

Fit & size Available sizes 8.5 / 9 / 9.7

To find the right glove size. measure your hand above the thumb. The cm correspond to the following glove sizes:
  • 23 cm = size 8.5 (M)
  • 24 cm = size 9 (L)
  • 26 cm = size 9.5 (XL)

Line Originale

Originale is our no-nonsense collection. A collection designed with a twist, leaving it a cut above the rest.

Care Instructions

  • If your gloves get wet, let them to dry naturally and don’t use any heat source, such as a radiator, hair dryer, or the sun.
  • As the gloves are drying, put them on the hands of the wearer several times. This will stretch the leather and restore the shape of the gloves to the profile of the hands.
  • If you decide to use a leather cleaner or conditioner, always read the product instructions carefully, and be sure the product you are using is suitable for the type of leather of your gloves.
  • If your gloves are very dirty, we recommend the services of a specialised leather dry cleaner.
Design Solid
Colour Black
Label Originale
Quality Goat

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