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Wool is known and loved around the world for its many qualities: 
it doesn’t itch, it doesn’t pill and it’s as comfortable in summer as 
it is in winter. No wonder the fleece of the humble Merino sheep 
was been coveted for almost a thousand years. We’re proud to 
present you with the Profuomo Merino Collection, a range of four 
pullover styles in eighteen colours suitable for every occasion,
from formal to casual.

Merino Wool Profuomo Sustainability



TOLLEGNO                                                                                                                         SUSTAINABILITY
The incredibly fine 12-gauge Merino yarn we use for our Merino                            All our yarn suppliers and knitters are fully compliant with European
collection comes from Biella, a small town in Northern Italy. Biella                         standards in terms of quality, security & social aspects of production 
has been renowned for the quality of its wool ever since the Middle                      and have been awarded the AWI-Woolmark certificate. 
Ages, a proud tradition that continues to this very day in Tollegno, 
a small village on the edge of Biella.

In 1900 the Sella family, together with some other manufacturers from 
Biella, founded Filatura di Tollegno (Tollegno spinning mill) to 
manufacture combed wools. Today it produces wool used for the 
world’s finest fashion houses, including, of course, Profuomo.


Filatura di Tollegno Profuomo


The Merino sheep is often believed to be a Spanish breed, but in 
fact it was Berber Nomads from Morocco who originally introduced 
it to Spain. By the time the international export of Merino wool began 
in the 16th century, it had already gained a reputation for its high 
quality. Nowadays Merino wool is produced in all corners of the 
world– ours comes exclusively from Australia.

Thanks to its many skin folds, one Merino sheep can produce 5.5 kg 
of wool in one year. Merino wool is prized for its high quality fibre: it 
has a very fine structure, which is particularly comfortable, as it doesn’t 
irritate human skin. Further advantages are that Merino fibre is very 
absorbent, plus grease and dirt resistant. 


Comfortable Merino Wool Profuomo

Merino wool is very comfortable to
wear as its fine yarn ensures that it
doesn’t itch or irritate the skin. It also
has a natural form of wax called lanoline 
that helps to keep the wool flexible and
repels grease and dirt. 

Profuomo Merino Minimal Pilling

Thanks to our intensive washing
procedure, we guarantee that
your pullover will keep its shape
with minimal pilling. 

Profuomo Merino 12-gauge Knit

All items are linked at the neckline and
shoulder. This luxury technique makes
it possible to knit a pullover in one piece, 
avoiding the need for extra seams. Our
Merino line is a 12-gauge knit, which
creates a smooth look and silky touch.

Profuomo Merino All Year Comfortable

One of the characteristics of Merino
wool is that it insulates as well as
breathes, making it comfortable to
wear throughout the year. 





There are 18 stunning colours to choose from in the Profuomo Merino

Collection. Whether you prefer a neutral grey or a flamboyant pink, or
want a more professional navy blue or black, we have a shade to match
every occasion. 

Profuomo Merino Care Labels

We recommend that you wash your merino pullover by hand. To do this,
use lukewarm water and a mild wool detergent – avoid soap flakes and
fabric softener. First soak the garment in lukewarm water, before gently
massaging it (don’t rub it) and rinsing in more lukewarm water.
To remove excess water, roll the garment in a towel (don’t wring it),
before laying flat to dry.




Classic Merino Essential Profuomo


Profuomo Merino Models



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