Profuomo offers the perfect polo shirt. Our interpretation of this classic and stylish garment has a perfect fit and a light and breathing fabric: Piqué cotton. This fabric has an open structure, which makes it perfect for warm days and outdoor activities.

As you are used from us, we have given our own twist to this beloved classic. this polo offers effortless style and it's perfect for informal occasions.

T-shirts are no match for this classic and coveted leisure item. A soft collar, high-quality fabric, and a beautiful fit make that you can present yourself almost anywhere in this polo shirt.

This preppy clothing item has been gaining popularity since the 1920s, took an enormous jump forward during the 1960s and even became a status symbol during the 1980s. Not surprising, considering that it is associated with the sports activities over the elite such as tennis, golf, and yes, polo.

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21 Item(s)  | 
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