Profuomo shirts
Profuomo creates exclusivity men’s shirts. In our web shop you will find the most complete offer of our famous shirts in all sizes and shapes. A Profuomo shirt is always designed with a great eye for detail. Whether it is formal or an informal or casual shirt.

Men's shirts
Men’s shirts something that men use to distinguish themselves. Just a like suits and watches, it is an article to which men are very attached and use to express their personality. A good shirt is made with a great eye for detail and excels in both in quality and style.

Profuomo always strives for an excellent shape. To achieve this we have one body size for collar size. This way the cut of the shirt always matches the collar. Many competing brands don't do this and simply use one body size for two collar sizes.

Buying a shirt online
Before you buy a shirt online there are several things that you need to know. Your collar size, your fit and your preferences for the type of colour and cuffs. Profuomo offers regular fit also known as comfort fit or normal fit this is a loose fitting shirt that will also fit larger man. Or alternatively slim fit. This is an elegant tighter fit but will also fit men who are not super-slim. In addition to that we carry super slim fit for truly slim men.

Choose a shirt with double cuffs for formal occasions. Shirts with double cuffs can only be worn with cufflinks.

The look of a men’s shirt is strongly determined by the collar. Profuomo shirts are available with the following collars: cutaway, extra cutaway, flip collar, kent, one piece collar, pointed collar, semi spread, wing collar.

Profuomo webshop
Not only is our collection available online, You can also browse our blog and get style ideas.

White shirts
The white shirt is one of the most important items in a man’s wardrobe. They can be worn both formally and casually. Have that clean look and can be combined with practically any outfit.

Buy a white shirt?
Have a look at our White Wall; A selection of white shirts in every variation you could desire. Ideal for anyone who’s looking for the perfect white shirt. These shirts are woven by famous Italian weavers. Except the Smart Shirt which uses a new technology to make it super crease resistant.

Shirts with a high collar
Those who like to wear their shirt without a tie, like a collar that stands up firmly. In this case, the best choice is out famous Schiller shirt. This shirt has a one-piece collar that stands up proudly and combines great with a business suit or a smart-casual outfit.

Non iron shirts
Non iron shirts are extremely practical. In principle, you don’t need to iron these shirts at all. A perfectionist who chooses to iron them anyway, will notice that they are very easy to get to perfection. All shirts in our Originale collection are Non iron. Our premium Sky Blue collection also has a shirt that is Non iron, and then some: the Smart Shirt. This shirt is not only Non iron, but is also amazingly crease resistant. 

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170 Item(s)  | 
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