The Perfect White Shirt

The Perfect White Shirt

White shirts
The white shirt is one of the most important items in a man’s wardrobe. Theycanbe worn both formally and casually. Have that clean look and can becombinedwith practically any outfit.

Buy a white shirt?
Have a look at our White Wall; A selection of white shirts in everyvariationyou could desire. Ideal for anyone who’s looking for the perfect whiteshirt.These shirts are woven by famous Italian weavers. Except the Smart Shirtwhichuses a new technology to make it super crease resistant.

The perfect white shirt by Profuomo
Because the white shirt is an absolute necessity in every man's closet, we havedeveloped a program of 14 perfect white shirts. The program is called the WhiteWall because in our shop it is displayed as a closet containing only whiteshirts. By this program you will find 14 unique white dress shirts. Eachwith its own story and style, so that every man with taste can find the perfectwhite shirt for him.

We use only the finest to fly fabrics in our shirts. These have a very highyarn count which makes the fabric stronger, softer and more pleasant tothe touch.

Choose a regular fit for comfort and freedom of movement. Choose a slim fit fora more modern and streamlined look.

Whether you choose to wear a tie or not, or a jacket or not, in our perfectwhite shirt program you will always find a collar that fits your preferences.If you prefer to not wear a tie, yet one day collar that stands up, werecommend having look at our One Piece Collar.

Whether you choose to wear double cuffs or single cuffs, All cuff variations atProfuomo are made in the typically Italian ‘round edge’ style.

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