Leather gloves for men online
Profuomo offers gloves that stand out because of their beauty, quality and craftsmanship.

Colors and variations
Our collection contains beautiful classic colors: black, brown, cognac and gray. Combined with the highest quality in craftsmanship and the carefully applied details, these gloves are a high-quality fashion accessory. Especially our brown leather gloves are a real classic.

In this collection you will not only find beautiful soft quality Nappa, deer leather, goat leather and sheep, but also beautiful warm modern materials such as fleece, that add a particularly practical aspect to these warm gloves.

What is my size glove?
To determine your size, drape measuring tape round your hand, right above the thumb. Put the measuring tape over the back of your hand, but without measuring with the thumb.

23 cm = size 8,5
24 cm = size 9
26 cm = size 9,5

Taking care of leather gloves, and cleaning them
If your gloves get wet, let them dry naturally without external heat sources such as a radiator, blow dryer or direct sunlight. During the drying process, put the gloves on occasionally. This way the leather takes on the shape of your hands.

If you are using a special cleaning product or conditioner, read the instructions carefully and make sure the product is meant for this type of leather. If your gloves really are soiled, it is recommended them cleaned by a professional.

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