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Summertime and the living is easy: Polo Shirts

 Ever thought about choosing a polo instead of a t-shirt now the temperatures are rising? In our opinion, a pretty good choice for the weekend, or a less
formal office environment. The great advantage is that polo shirts are a bit more dressy then a T-shirt, but heaps more comfortable than dress
shirts – with the notable exception of our Knitted Shirts, of course. The polo’s sporty heritage ensures both comfort and style. 

New collection available spring/summer 2018! 


How to wear
Polos belong on sailboats, boulevards and golf
courses. They are leisure, but they are classy
leisure. Pair with jeans or chinos for the ultimate
casual-cool look. Don’t wear it with an undershirt,
don’t tuck it, and those of you with conscious
memories of the 1980s might need to resist the
temptation to put up the collar. But you already
knew that.

Now that the business world has become less
formal, the occasions for wearing a polo have
become near endless. Offices have been moving
away from the “uniform” for a while now, and allow
employees to express themselves. Time to express
your inner JFK to your colleagues, and our Mélange
polos are just the ticket.

A bit of history
Polos were invented in the 19th century and were
previously known as Tennis shirts and later on as
Golf shirts. So you can probably guess who they
were intended for. Polos were invented as practical
and comfortable clothing for sports, and replaced the
long-sleeved and uncomfortable “tennis whites” of
those days. Polo being the most prestigious sport
associated with this garment, that’s the name that
stuck most.

The Profuomo polo collection
Our mélange piqué polo has never looked better
than this. Made from breathable cotton piqué, these
tailored polos are on point with a ribbed collar and a
flattering slim fit. This makes the mélange polo an
absolute asset to our collection and a great addition
to any wardrobe. 

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