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Cotton is the most commonly used raw material in Profuomo products – so it’s important to make sure that we use the most sustainable cotton we can. That’s why Profuomo has been a member of the world’s largest sustainability program for cotton, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), since 2018.

The aim of the BCI is to transform regular cotton into a sustainable raw material. It is a joint effort of farmers, spinning mills, brands and retailers, and social organizations to improve cotton production worldwide for the people who produce it, for the environment and for the future of the sector. Our goal is to buy 100% ‘more sustainable cotton’ by mid-2024. We consider 'more sustainable cotton’ to include BCI Cotton, organic cotton and recycled cotton. For now, BCI Cotton is the minimum standard we aim to attain. Organic cotton is the next step we want to take towards further improvement, as organic cotton is better in terms of water and energy use.

Detox Denim

Making jeans is a process that involves a lot of water, energy and chemicals. That is why we have made a commitment to produce 100% of our denim responsibly by 2024. Currently our ‘Detox Denim' is produced by Berto Textile Industry, 27 mills in Prato Textile District, Italy. These mills have pledged to eliminate dangerous substances from the denim production process and reduce water consumption.

You can find more details on the Detox Denim program here


Animal welfare

At Profuomo we firmly believe that it is unacceptable for animals to suffer for our products. All our suppliers are required to implement industry-recognized best practices to ensure animal welfare is safeguarded at all times:

We do not use animal fur or pelts in any Profuomo product.

Merino wool
Merino wool used in our products must be sourced from farmers with good animal husbandry techniques and farmers who do not practice mulesing. Most of the merino wool in Profuomo products comes from countries where mulesing is illegal (e.g. New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina). But as a lot of merino wool is produced in Australia, where mulesing is still allowed, we want to have more security and information on the supply chain. Therefore we are looking to obtain RWS certification for 100% mulesing-free merino wool by 2025.

Feathers and down
Feathers and down used in Profuomo products must be sourced as a byproduct of the meat industry (excluding foie grass production) and from producers with good animal husbandry. They must be checked on a regular basis by outside parties and certified by Responsible Down Standards.

All the leather we use must be sourced as byproduct of the meat industry and from producers that ensure good animal husbandry.



For our leather products we aim to use vegetable-tanned leather, a traditional artisan technique that originated in Tuscany, Italy. Fewer toxic substances are involved and many of the substances used during the tanning process are recycled and re-used afterwards to ensure a low impact on the environment.

Our short-term target is to ensure that 50% of our leather will be tanned according to LWG standard in 2022. To help us achieve this goal we are a member of The Leather Working Group (LWG). LWG is a non-profit membership organization for stakeholders across the leather supply chain. In order to achieve and maintain LWG certification leather manufacturers are inspected by external parties on a regular basis and assessed on their environmental compliance and performance capabilities. Our mid-term target is for 100% of our leather to be LWG certified by 2025.




Responsible supply chain

Taking care of people

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