Pocket squares
The pocket square is a beloved men's accessory. It consists of a square piece of fabric usually made of silk but sometimes from another material such as cotton. The pocket square is worn in the breast pocket of the jacket. Originally the pocket square was born only with an item of formal clothing such as a tuxedo, in which case the dress code required it to be white. These days however, many colorful designs are available.

How to wear a pocket square
A pocket square is usually worn in a quality careless manner, just protruding from the breast pocket of the jacket. The colours of the pocket square are to be coordinated with the colour of the tie. There is quite an art styling the pocket square, as it should look like it was carelessly put in the breast pocket. Something that ironically takes quite a lot of care. A white pocket square can also be folded in such a way that it protrudes from the breast pocket, looking like a straight white stripe. 

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