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You can find more details on the Detox Denim program here


For our leather products we aim to use vegetable-tanned leather, a traditional artisan technique that originated in Tuscany, Italy. Fewer toxic substances are involved and many of the substances used during the tanning process are recycled and re-used afterwards to ensure a low impact on the environment.

Our short-term target is to ensure that 50% of our leather will be tanned according to LWG standard in 2022. To help us achieve this goal we are a member of The Leather Working Group (LWG). LWG is a non-profit membership organization for stakeholders across the leather supply chain. In order to achieve and maintain LWG certification leather manufacturers are inspected by external parties on a regular basis and assessed on their environmental compliance and performance capabilities. Our mid-term target is for 100% of our leather to be LWG certified by 2025.

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